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Neuropsychologist, Certified Autism Specialist,

Director, Adult Diagnostic Autism Clinic in Peoria, IL

Theresa Regan

I am an adult neuropsychologist with a specialization in brain-behavior relationships. I'm also the mother of an amazing autistic son. Before his diagnosis, I knew the shame that comes from hearing others say, "That would never happen in my house" or "Please have his crying better before returning to the infant program." I received an overwhelming amount of parenting advice, but nothing helped. 


It wasn't until my son was 5-years-old that someone took a moment to say, "I hope you know you're a good mom." The truth is, I hadn't known that. I was so grateful to be seen and supported during the confusing journey. It was soon after that my son received a diagnosis of autism and our path became purposeful.


My working knowledge of brain-behavior relationships merged with my personal journey. I was amazed to interact with adults in my work setting and realize, "This individual is on the spectrum, but they've never received a correct diagnosis!"


I offer individuals the hope and validation of having a correct diagnosis and a direction to move forward. With accurate diagnosis, individuals can understand how they are "wired," have words to express their needs, and finally feel understood by others. With a correct diagnosis, spouses and children of autistic adults can leave behind the feelings of rejection that have accompanied their confusing family interactions. 

I am here to explain complex concepts in plain language. I give you a head start by providing you with the vital information I wish I had known years ago. 

As a neuropsychologist, I've served adults and aged adults for more than 25 years. I'm a Certified Autism Specialist and the Director of the OSF HealthCare Adult Diagnostic Autism Clinic in Peoria, IL. I am the author of Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults and Understanding Autistic Behaviors: Improving Health, Independence, and Well-Being. 

If you're searching for effective strategies to live your best life, message me to request topics for videos and blog posts. Join the new member community to share your struggles and successes with others. 

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